Student Prevents a Medication Error

Pharmaceutical Technician Student - Greg PawliszynPharmaceutical Technician Student
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Greg Pawliszyn

As a Pharmaceutical Technician student, we are strongly reminded the importance of being accurate when filling prescription orders. Time to time though, there will be a prescription that comes through that causes a “trained” Technician to take notice.

I am currently an externship student at a well respected pharmacy that serves the Reno/Sparks and Carson City areas. The days work is always simple; the Pharmacist prints out the prescriptions to be filled, the Technicians fills these prescriptions, and the Pharmacist then checks the filled prescriptions before being sent out.

Clinical Student Caught a Major Error While on Rotation

bottleMy name is Rebecca and I was getting ready to mix up an IV bag. The first thing I was taught to do in lab before I start mixing anything is look for the mixing instructions and the expiration date on the vial. (It was a vial from the refrigerator.) As I was looking for the instructions I saw that the expiration date was expired and so I then looked for the instructions on what you do if the medication has expired. Some IV vial medications can still be used up to different time periods. (5-10 days, ect) This medication said to discard immediately after expiring and DO NOT USE IF EXPIRED.

I asked one of the techs at the hospital what I should do with it (how to discard or who to give it to, etc). She informed me that it was still good to use and to go ahead and make the IV bag. I am a very cautious person and try my very best to treat every patient that will be receiving any IV that I prepare as if they were a family member.

Nuclear Career Opportunities

Nuclear Pharmacy



The 2010 class at Southeastern Technical College visited GE Healthcare Nuclear Pharmacy in December 2010 during their last quarter. They got a full tour and an inside look at what nuclear technicians do on a daily basis. As graduates of ASHP accredited programs, there are many advance career opportunities like nuclear, that you can apply for.


How Can Pharmacy Technicians Play a Role in MTM

Medication therapy management, also known as MTM, is defined as a broad range of health care services provided by pharmacists, and the pharmacy team. Included in that team is the pharmacy technician. As more pharmacy technicians advance their training, attend ASHP accredited training programs, and become certified pharmacy technicians, they are becoming invaluable to the management of medication therapy.

Medication therapy management services include medication therapy reviews, pharmacotherapy consults, anticoagulation management, immunizations, health and wellness programs and many other clinical services. Pharmacists provide medication therapy management to help patients get the best benefits from their medications by actively managing drug therapy and by identifying, preventing and resolving medication-related problems.

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