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How to Buy Medications Over the Internet Safely

Patients and students often ask about medications sold over the internet.  How can they sell drugs over the internet? Are the drugs safe? Do you still need a prescription? Are those drug manufacturers regulated by the FDA? Are they in the country or outside the country?  It is important to know that they FDA wants consumers to know some websites sell prescription and over-the-counter drugs that may not be safe to use and could put people's health at risk.

While there are many web sites that are legitimate and sell both safe legend and over the counter medication, there are some websites that operate illegally and offer medications that are not safe, do not contain the same, inaccurate, or dangerous active ingredients, endangering the health of many.

According to the FDA consumer website, the Food and Drug Administration has conducted numerous investigations.  Instead of receiving medications ordered by the consumer, they received medications that caused the patient to receive emergency medical treatment.

Tips for Medication Safety

The 7 Rights

Medication errors, or any mistakes involving medications, must be avoided and in the medical profession there are many ways we can practice this. One of the most common methods we have is the “7 Rights”

The Seven Rights are:

  1. The right dose
  2. The right medication
  3. The right patient
  4. The right route
  5. The right time
  6. Technique
  7. Documentation

Pregnancy Categories

The FDA assigns categories to medications.

A    controlled studies show no risk.
B    no evidence of risk in humans
C    risk can’t be ruled out
D    There is positive evidence of a risk
X    contraindicated in pregnancy>>>Do not USE

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