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The "Weeding Out" Process

A friend of mine called me earlier this week and said “Jeff I have a topic for you, you have to do a blog to help people understand the “weeding out” process! For the last few positions I have applied for, I feel like I have been “weeded out” by all these minimum requirements, tests, and assessments before I can even get in the door! What do you think man, can you help?”

After listening to my friend all I could think of was a large patch of weeds in my yard that I had been passing by for the last few weeks. These weeds were so bad they stick out like a sore thumb and I was waiting for my wife to say “Jeff, it’s time to mow the lawn.” The tough part is always trying figuring out how I to pick the weeds out without pulling out the good grass around it. The hiring process is no different. The question hiring managers ask is how can I legally separate the quality candidates from the not so good candidates without eliminating a good candidate? The truth is hiring managers spend more time “weeding out” candidates than they do choosing the best of them. For that reason I am giving you 3 ways to avoid being “weeded out”:

Every Hiring Managers Pet Peeve

“Excuse me sir, may I ask you a question?”

“Sure go ahead, what’s your question?”

“Instead of typing out my work history is it okay if I type in “See Resume” on the application and attach my resume?”

This was the question a potential applicant asked me a few weeks ago. I am assuming she did not know that I was the hiring manager being that I was at the receptionist desk covering while the rest of the staff was out of the office. So, I politely responded with a quick “no ma’am, you need to fill out the application entirely.” She accepted my answer although she seemed disappointed as she went back to the computer to fill out her application. I started to think in my mind, does she understand why “See Resume” is not acceptable? Does she understand how this one statement “See Resume” could scratch her out of the opportunity of her dreams? Does she understand that “See Resume” is a pet peeve of most hiring managers?

Top 15 Job Search Engines

By: Jeffery Grant, Career Expert

career_worcloudIt’s no secret that the average American’s job search has intensified over the last three years due to a recession that has launched unemployment percentages to record levels. According to Yahoo News, there are still nearly 14 million people who are unemployed. The days of putting a quick resume together and submitting a few emails online and expecting great results are over. In order to be successful in your internet job search, one of your first steps is knowing where to look. Here are my Top 15 Job Search Engines of 2011 to help you maximize your search:

When It Counts…Neat Handwriting Makes A Difference

By: Jeffrey Grant, Career Expert

Just a few months ago I was screening through a heap of employment applications for an administrative assistant position. As I was looking through this pile I found myself focusing on the handwriting of each applicant. I couldn’t help it. The more and more I looked at these applications, the more I realized how important it is to have neat handwriting. When I got down to the last group of applications that were similar in experience and skill, neat handwriting took the front seat. It’s the moment no applicant would ever imagine happening: having your application not considered because of messy handwriting.

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