• Career Exploration (6)

    Resume templates and writing, interview tips, dress, and more. We will have special guest contributors to this section, with in-depth career advice.

  • News & Updates (3)
    Legislative, state laws and changes in regulations.
  • Pills for Success (3)
    Information on new drug updates, black box warnings and the latest news from the FDA.
  • Prevention is the Best Medicine (4)
    The Tech's role and responsibility in preventing med errors, tips, high risk drugs, sound alike-look alike drugs, quality assurance, Medication management, profiles, etc.
  • School House (1)
    Continuing Education, Seminars, Webinars and more
  • Talk the Talk (5)
    Spotlights, Techs at work, success stories, community service, volunteer work.
  • Tool Kit (9)

    On the job resources including references materials, games, study guides, tips, etc.

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  • KbPort LLC is a medical simulation solutions provider offering a variety of simulators, management tools, and recording devices.
  • SimuMED LLC is a 100% women-owned and operated company that provides excellent instructional aids for nursing and health care skills development.