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SEPhT introduces TeachMEDS and LAB Skills Kits! 

A new line of simulated medication containers designed for inexpensive inventory management and friendly applications. 

There is no API and many forms are available with more to come! All containers have bar codes, NDC numbers, expiration, lot, and identifying dosage information included. Students can easily begin to identify class and usual dosages from the containers themselves. 


Lab Skills Kits

Lab Skills Kits include supplies and simulated medications needed to perform over 15 pharmacy technician skills required in training courses. These can be used in a laboratory environment as well as at home. Students can complete course work online and follow with skills assessments at home on onsite. 

sephtskillskit.png  skillskit.png


SEPhT also offers a line of simulated stock to be used in a lab including: bulk bottles, pediatric medications, unit dose medications with bins, and eye and ear medications, including veterinary medications. The unit dose simulated medications can be used in conjunction with KbPort automated dispensing cabinets and other related patient administration medication products. 


teachmeds.png      simcabrxmini.png


For more information about KbPort Automated Dispensing Cabinets contact Karen Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. visit or kbport.com!



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  • KbPort LLC is a medical simulation solutions provider offering a variety of simulators, management tools, and recording devices.
  • SimuMED LLC is a 100% women-owned and operated company that provides excellent instructional aids for nursing and health care skills development.