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SEPhT introduces TeachMEDS and LAB Skills Kits! 

A new line of simulated medication containers designed for inexpensive inventory management and friendly applications. 

There is no API and many forms are available with more to come! All containers have bar codes, NDC numbers, expiration, lot, and identifying dosage information included. Students can easily begin to identify class and usual dosages from the containers themselves. 


Lab Skills Kits

Lab Skills Kits include supplies and simulated medications needed to perform over 15 pharmacy technician skills required in training courses. These can be used in a laboratory environment as well as at home. Students can complete course work online and follow with skills assessments at home on onsite. 

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SEPhT also offers a line of simulated stock to be used in a lab including: bulk bottles, pediatric medications, unit dose medications with bins, and eye and ear medications, including veterinary medications. The unit dose simulated medications can be used in conjunction with KbPort automated dispensing cabinets and other related patient administration medication products. 


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For more information about KbPort Automated Dispensing Cabinets contact Karen Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. visit or kbport.com!



SEPhT now offers ACPE skills camps and certifications

Announcing ACPE accredited CE through SKILLS CAMPS.

Over 15 hours of CEUs in mulltiple lessons and hands on SPECIALTY COMPOUNDING Certifications with 12 hours of CEUs each! 

All courses include supplies, use of KbPort's automated dispensing cabinet, barcoding technology, prescription processing software/labeling, and hours of hands-on practice. 

  • Non-sterile and Sterile processing certifications -12 CEUs each
  • Medication Managment Therapy
  • Repackaging and Automated Dispensing Inventory Control
  • Emergency/Disaster Planning
  • Wellness Clinic with DME/Diabetes Management
  • Inhaler and Patient Teaching Skills 

For more information, contact Karen Davis at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send a request through the website. 


Critical Point IV Training

Critical Point offers ACPE Sterile Compounding courses based on the most current USP <797> standards.

These affordable ecourses are offered at work through your own pace modules and live training. Students in pharmacy technician training programs can complete these on line courses in conjunction with the simulated lab materials such as mock tabletop hoods and TeachMeds simulated products. For the most current USP 797 textbook and check skills sheets, see the new Elsevier book "Sterile Processing for Pharmacy Technicians" 2E by Karen Davis.

Announcing NEW Mosby's "Advanced Pharmacy Technician" book from Elsevier. Coming this Fall.

This Elsevier resource provides advanced technician training programs and technicians wishing to complete specialty certifications information required to advance their career. Chapters include leadership and management skills and an understanding of concepts needed in advanced roles in many areas. Resources include practice exam questions and case scenarios that require advanced critical thinking skills.

For more information please visit https://evolve.elsevier.com/education/pharmacy-technology

Accreditation Consulting Services Now Offered

Are you ready for the ASHP new standards and technician training of the future?

With the current PTCB changes for requirements for completion of a board approved or ASHP/ACPE accredited program prior to testing and the focus on medication safety, it is imperative that the pharmacy technician workforce be better trained. The new ASHP/ACPE standards now provide for an entry level and advanced level course and if your students are being prepared to take the PTCE, they will need to complete an approved program.

Accreditation Alliance can make the PTCB board approval or ASHP/ACPE accreditation/reaccreditation process easy. We have the expertise and resources to prepare your program to develop a workforce ready graduate who can become certified and begin employment.

Our faculty will provide templates and proven methods to meet all program requirements and provide simulation lab exercises using TeachMed, KbPort, and Elsevier resources. Let us pull all the resources together and provide an easy, one stop shop, solution for your program. This along with development of curriculum materials are just a small part of what we can offer.

For more information or a FREE assessment today, please see our website at www.accredalliance.com  or click on the ASHP Accreditation Information tab on the top of this page.

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